Dress Code

Dress Code for Clubhouse and the Golf Course

It is expected that Members, their children and guests will be suitably dressed at all times while on Club premises. Suitable attire DOES NOT include blue jean denim pants and skirts, tank tops, cargo shorts, "short shorts" or bare feet.  Neat attire includes wearing all tops tucked into belted pants or skirts at all times, with the exception of tops that are designed to be worn over the skirt or pants. Casual dress or golf attire is appropriate at all times when dining in the Clubhouse, unless otherwise stated.

Gentlemen are expected to wear jackets in the Bay Room for the following specified events:
  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Various functions highlighted in the newsletter
This includes children thirteen years and older. Men's shirts must have sleeves and a collar.  It is expected that gentlemen will wear hats with the bill facing forward when on the golf course and remove them in the Clubhouse. On the golf course and the practice areas, only soft soled or soft spike shoes are permitted.

Please note: The Club Manager and the Golf Professional are responsible for enforcing this dress code.  Clubhouse and golf course privileges will not be granted to Members and guests who violate these rules. The dress code applies to children as well.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in any building or partially enclosed structure, on the outdoor decks and terraces, and within 25 feet of all building entrances. If you choose to smoke outdoors, please be considerate of those around you and refrain from smoking in proximity to or upwind of others. Please comply if you are asked by management or others to refrain from smoking or to relocate.

Cell Phones

At Eastward Ho! the cell phone policy has been modified to allow the use of cell phones and PDAs in the lower level of the Link Building) outside of the Clubhouse offices) for emergency use only. For the convenience of our Members and guests, a desk and chair with paper and pencils can be found in this space. We ask that you continue to honor the current policy of no cell phones anywhere else on the Eastward Ho! property except within the confines of your parked car in the parking lots. Please note this modification to the policy does not include the men's and ladies' locker rooms or the space outside of their entrances.